2014 Housing Institute - Powerpoint/Handouts

2014 Housing Institute – Powerpoints/Handouts

The Health Home Connection

Surging Through Wait List - Housing Homeless Vets - 1

Surging Through Wait List - Housing Homeless Vets - 2

Surging Through Wait List - Housing Homeless Vets - 3

Successes and Challenges in Developing and Operating Housing for Homeless Veterans

Roles, Duties and Responsibilities of a Housing Specialist 2014

Peer Advocates - Cultural & System Navigators in Supportive Housing - Connie Mitchel

Client Web Services Certification v4.0

Cal MediConnect Overview and Enrollment

Addressing All Needs - Understanding Affordable Care Act, How to Assist Clients...

1 -Los Angeles County Housing Programs & Resources.pdf

2 - Los Angeles County Housing Programs & Resources.pdf

3 -Los Angeles County Housing Programs & Resources.pdf

A Dashboard for Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles.pdf

Addressing Challenging Behaviors - pdf.pdf

Building Capacity Through Program Evaluation.pdf

CalWorks Housing Program - 3.pdf

CalWorks Housing Program - 4.pdf

CalWorks Housing Program - 5.pdf

CalWorks Housing Program - 6.pdf

CalWorks Housing Program -1.pdf

CalWorks Housing Program -2.pdf

Carmen Hill - 3 workshops.pdf

CES 101 - The Basics of the Coordinated Entry.pdf

CES 301 - VI-SPDAT LA.pdf

Ending the Cycle - Supporting Transitions and Measuring Impact.pdf

Ending the Cycle -Supporting Transitions and Measuring Impact.pdf

Financing Supportive Housing - DMH funders.pdf

Financing Supportive Housing - LIHTC Investment.pdf

Financing Supportive Housing - TCAC.pdf

HACLA - Permanent Supportive Housing Programs and Applicant Intake Process.pdf

Homeless Family Solutions System.pdf

Housing as Healthcare - Housing Planning in Three Southern California Counties.pdf

Housing Retention - A Joint Effort Between Resident Services & Property Management.pdf

Housing Rights of People With Mental Illness.pdf

I - Special Needs Housing Planning in California.pdf

II -Special Needs Housing Planning in California.pdf

Inside Out - Jai In-Reach for the Most Vulnerable.pdf

Invisible Wounds-Healing from Trauma.pdf

Leasing Special Needs Project - Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

Lori Dobbs - How to Document & Claim for Housing Services.pdf

Mollie Lowery -Ending Homelessness- One Person at a Time - Creating & sustaining a Home and Place in the Community.pdf

OPCC Sojourn (The Core Model 7) Part 2.pdf

OPCC's - The Core 7 Model.pdf

Mental Health Program/Services

Find the LA County Department of Mental Health services, programs and facilities serving your area.

Service Planning Area Map
Service Planning
Areas Map

Related Information

DMH Service Locator

Partners in Suicide Prevention Program (PSP)

Crisis Line
County Crisis Line

Didi Hirsch

Trevor Project (LGBTQ)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
For Military Families, Press 1 for Crisis Line

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline