Alternate Crisis Services

Alternate Crisis Services

Alternate Crisis Services (ACS) provides a comprehensive range of services and supports for mentally ill individuals that are designed to provide alternatives to emergency room care, acute inpatient hospitalization and institutional care, reduce homelessness, and prevent incarceration. These programs are essential to crisis intervention and stabilization, service integration and linkage to community-based programs, e.g. Full Service Partnerships (FSP) and Assertive Community Treatment Programs (ACT), housing alternatives and treatment for co-occurring substance abuse.

Average Daily Census of the Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) and Implementation of PES Relief Plan and Other Relief Measures July 2004 – January 2009 

ACS Programs:
Urgent Care Centers (UCC)/Crisis Resolution Services (CRS) 
Countywide Resource Management 
Residential and Bridging Services 
Supportive Residential Programs (Enriched Residential and IMD Step-Down). 
Crisis Residential Treatment Programs

ACS Resources
ASC-IMD Step Down Information
ASC-IMD Information 

ACS Contact
Countywide Resource Management
550 S. Vermont Ave 9th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 738-4775
Fax (213) 637-5892
Mental Health Clinical District Chief: Mary Marx, L.C.S.W.
Mental Health Clinical Program Head: Jacqueline Yu, L.C.S.W.


Mental Health Program/Services

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Need assistance accessing an Adult Full Service Partnership Program Services? The following is a listing of Service Area (SA) Navigators who can assist you:

Service Area Navigator List

Full Service Partnership (FSP)

For questions about final authorizations for enrollment in an Adult Full Service Partnership Program, please contact:

Hosun Kwon, LMFT
Mental Health Clinical Supervisor
Phone: (213) 738-2868
Fax: (213) 427-6178

Dennis Griffin, LCSW
Mental Health Clinical Program Manager I
Phone: (213) 738-2868
Fax: (213) 427-6178

Veteran's Mental Health Programs and VALOR

Homeless Outreach Coordinator:
Chris Tower
Mental Health Services Coordinator
Phone: (213) 351-7208
Fax: (213) 381-5497

Countywide Program Head:
Carl McKnight, Psy. D.
Phone: (213) 351-2901
Fax: (213) 381-5497

Prevention and Early Intervention Services (PEI)

Victoria Lee, PhD
Supervising Psychologist
Phone: (213) 738-2868
Fax: (213) 427-6178

Countywide Program Head:
Scott Hanada, LCSW
Clinical Program Head
Phone: (213) 738-2868
Fax: (213) 427-6178