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Los Angeles Unified School District Division of Adult and Career Education
This site offers information about vocational, ESL, GED, parenting, and basic skills classes, and programs for adults with disabilities.

Supported Education Group
You'll find best practices in supported education and extensive resources on this site.

California Community Colleges
Here is a list of all of the community colleges in California.


Scholarships and Financial Aid Information
You can search for scholarship and grant opportunities on these sites.


Regional Occupational Centers
Find job training and resources in the community for students 16 years or older.


Education and Training information

www.wcrc.pbwiki.com Find numerous training opportunities on the Education and Training link on this site. The site is updated daily and offers a County Service Area map for easy reference.

Patient Education Resources

Mental Health Program/Services

Find the LA County Department of Mental Health services, programs and facilities serving your area.

Service Planning Area Map
Service Planning
Areas Map

Related Information

Need assistance accessing an Adult Full Service Partnership Program Services? The following is a listing of Service Area (SA) Navigators who can assist you:

Service Area Navigator List

Adult Full Service Partnership:

For questions about final authorizations for enrollment in an Adult Full Service Partnership Program please contact:

Hosun Kwon
Mental Health Clinical Supervisor
Phone: (213) 639 - 6734
Fax: (213) 427 - 6178

Field Capable Clinical Services (FCCS) Program:

For questions about Field Capable Clinical Services (FCCS) Program please contact:

Hosun Kwon
Mental Health Clinical Supervisor
Phone: (213) 639 - 6734
Fax: (213) 427 - 6178

Adult Field Capable Clinical Services (FCCS) Guidelines

Wellness and Client-Run Centers

For questions about Wellness Centers and Client-Run Centers please contact:

Christine Tanimura, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist II
Phone: (213) 738 - 3377
Fax: (213) 427 - 6178

Christine Tanimura, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist II
Phone: (213) 639 - 3377
Fax: (213) 427 - 6178

Veteran's Mental Health Programs

Raymond Hsu, Psy. D.
Clinical Psychologist II
Phone: (213) 763-0306
Fax: (213) 746-7620

Homeless Outreach Coordinator:
Chris Tower
Mental Health Services Coordinator
Phone: (213) 351-7208
Fax: (213) 381-5497

Countywide Program Head:
Carl McKnight, Psy. D.
Phone: (213) 351-2901
Fax: (213) 381-5497

Prevention and Early Intervention Services

Implementation & Suicide Prevention

Victoria Lee, PhD
Supervising Psychologist
Phone: (213) 738-2901
Fax: (213) 381 - 5497

Countywide Program Head:
Scott Hanada, LCSW
Clinical Program Head
Phone: (213) 738-6120
Fax: (213) 381 - 5497