Stakeholder Delegates

Stakeholder Delegates

The Stakeholder Process

The Stakeholder Process is an ongoing monthly planning collaborative consisting of DMH, consumers, parents, family members, community leaders and members, law enforcement, and a variety of mental health service providers throughout the county. This group of stakeholders is essential in creating and developing the five substantive plans each county is required to submit to the State for approval before it is eligible to receive MHSA funds. The venue is an open public forum held at St. Anne's Auditorium and community participation is very much encouraged.

Important decisions are made democratically. A meeting facilitator leads participants to a shared understanding of complex issues and related budget details so that appointed delegates representing over 40 different stakeholder groups can vote and reach a consensus on key components of whichever MHSA plan is currently under development.

All other planning structures such as ad hoc workgroups and community outreach meetings are special interest groups that are formed to provided informed and thoughtful recommendations to the voting delegates on specific planning issues that will directly affect their specific population and/or community.

Stakeholder Delegates


  • To serve as an advisory and planning body that makes recommendations for new MHSA plans.
    • Advisory: the County of Los Angeles Mental Health Commission, the Mental Health Director, and the Board of Supervisors have final approval authority.
    • Planning: Develop new MHSA Plans, versus monitoring implementation (Systems Leadership Team) and integrate all MHSA Plans.


  • Participate in Delegates meetings, including relevant ad hoc committees (and/or send Alternate).
  • Maintain active communication—i.e., ongoing meetings—with your stakeholder constituency to represent them effectively.
  • Receive recommendations from work groups (e.g., P.E.I., W.E.T.) concerning new MHSA Plans.
  • Develop final recommendations for new MHSA Plans and integrate final MHSA Plans (and forward to appropriate entities for final approval).

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