System Leadership Team

System Leadership Team


Systems Leadership Team To serve as a quick-response advisory and monitoring team on issues related to MHSA Plan implementation and to the broader public mental health system.

  • Advisory: Provides advice and recommendations to the Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental.
  • Monitoring: Provides advice and recommendations on implementation items, including tracking performance and problem-solving on emergent issues.

Responsibilities--Whole System

  • Develop process and structural frameworks to support overall system transformation (e.g., budget dilemmas; performance measures; etc.).

Responsibilities--MHSA Specific

  • Monitor progress on implementation of MHSA Plans (e.g., track performance, identify design issues, initiate workgroups, etc.).
  • Provide feedback to Department on proposed MHSA Plan extensions or revisions.
  • Comment on work group recommendations before Department makes final decisions.
  • Work with Department and consultant to develop agendas for Delegates meetings.

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) System Leadership Team Report

System Leadership Team (SLT)  Resources

        ° Agenda
         ° SLT Notes - January 17, 2018
SLT Reinvigorating Stakeholder Engagement Workgroup Recommendations
SAAC Reinvigorating Stakeholder Engagement Workgroup Recommendations
        ° Major Mental Health Legislation
        ° SB 906 
        ° AB 1971
        ° Fact Sheet: AB 1795

Service Area Advisory Committee (SAAC) Resources

          SAAC Liaison Contact & Meeting Information

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