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Why is LACDMH replacing the Self-Service website?


This website was created in order to allow external agencies to submit support tickets to the LACDMH Help Desk since the old Help Desk ticketing HEAT application did not support Internet access. We are happy to announce that DMH has just completed the upgrade to a new, cloud-based version of HEAT which, in addition to allowing external parties to submit tickets, can also let users including PHI and view the status of their existing tickets among other things.


Effective January 5, 2018, the Self-Service website will no longer be available. All external agencies will be REQUIRED to submit support tickets through the LACDMH RSA AA SSLVPN Secure Site – see instructions below:



Option 1

     If you are able to login to the LACDMH RSA AA SSLVPN Secure Site then:

a.       You are ready and can follow the instructions on the document 
         “Contract Providers Guide for the New LACDMH 
          HEAT Application.pdf
” and begin submitting your tickets 
          as instructed there – or watch VIDEO here

b.       Disregard Option 2 below


Option 2

If you CANNOT or have NEVER logged in to the LACDMH RSA AA SSLVPN Secure Site then:

c.       First, follow the instruction on the attached document 
          – you must be able to login to the secure site in 
            order to use the new HEAT application

d.       Second, once you are able to login to the 
          LACDMH RSA AA SSLVPN Secure Site, 
          refer to Option 1 a above or watch VIDEO here

e.       If you do not have a C# you must apply to 
         DMH Systems Access Unit to receive one. 
         You need to submit the Application Access 
         Form and the Downey Data Center Registration 
         Forms.  Please see below.

                          i.    Application Access Form

                          ii.   Downey Data Center Registration Form

                          iii.  For more information on how to fill 
                              out the above forms, please click on the link:  

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