Transition Age Youth

DMH Services for Transition Age Youth

The Transition Age Youth (TAY) Division seeks to provide an array of mental health and supportive services for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) and Severe and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI) youth ages 16-25. The TAY Division has identified a number of priority TAY populations to receive these services; along with a specific emphasis on outreaching and engaging TAY who are currently unserved and underserved.
These priority populations include the following:

  • TAY struggling with substance abuse disorders
  • TAY who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness
  • TAY aging out of the children's mental health, child welfare, or juvenile justice systems
  • TAY leaving long-term institutional care
  • TAY experiencing their first episode of major mental illness

TAY Programs

MHSA Community Services and Supports (CSS)

MHSA Prevention and Early Interventions (PEI)

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth (CSECY)

A Commitment to Recovery and Wellness

Recovery refers to the process in which people who are diagnosed with a mental illness are able to live, work, learn, and participate fully in their communities. We believe that recovery is possible and we are committed to providing meaningful and appropriate support to individuals and families at every step along the pathway to recovery and wellness. We are committed to providing education about mental health issues and how they affect individuals and families; and teach and promote self-advocacy. We are also committed to encouraging individuals, families, and communities to share responsibility to support one another.

Mental Health Program/Services

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Related Information

Transition-Age Youth (TAY) System of Care (SOC)
Terri Boykins, LCSW, Deputy Director (213) 738-2408

Transition-Age Youth (TAY) Division
Mary Romero, LCSW, M.H. Clinical Program Mgr. III
(213) 738-4644

Belen Camacho-Fuller, LCSW, Program Manager II (213) 351-7737

For more information on our TAY Programs contact

TAY FSP Final Authorization Team:
Authorization Desk (213) 738-2027

TAY Enhanced Emergency Shelter Program
Gatekeeper (213) 738-6194

Permanent Supportive Housing Ambassador
Andrew Onaghise (213) 471-6529

TAY Navigation Program 
Haydouk Zakarian, LCSW (213) 351-7736

Terica Roberts, LMFT (213) 923-6459

TAY MHSA PEI Evidence-Based Practices and Co-Occurring Disorders Unit
Sermed Alkass, PsyD, Managing Psychologist (213) 738-4715

TAY Drop-In Centers
Rudy Ramirez
(213) 738-2521

Juvenile Justice and Probation Camps/Halls Division
Karen Streich, Ph.D. - District Chief (213) 738-2895

Juvenile Justice Aftercare Services Division
Belen Camacho-Fuller, LCSW, Program Manager II (213) 351-7737