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PEI Data


Countywide Data Reports

Countywide CW Report with Narrative:

Data Reports 2008

PEI Community Planning Data

In order to complement the community input gathered in the planning process, DMH prepared a data profile for each Service Area. These profiles provide relevant socio-economic demographic data and mental health statistics, as well as data related to health, education, social services, and public safety. To further inform the process, DMH drew on the findings of the strengths and needs assessments from the Community Services and Supports (CSS) planning process. A data analysis of these sources offered insight to areas and populations of the county most in need of prevention and/or early intervention services.

Service Area Profiles 
Vulnerable Communities in Los Angeles County contains demographic information, mental health statistics, and other social indicators for Los Angeles County.  Prepared for the PEI planning process, the report is organized by county service areas and PEI priority populations. It contains data tables, graphs, and maps. You may download the report by sections or as a single large pdf.

Abridged Version Prepared for the October 2, 2008 Roundtable

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