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PEI Community Planning

PEI Community Planning Reports 2008-2009

The focus for developing the PEI Plan in Los Angeles County involved engaging the community at the Service Area level.  Informational meetings were held in Fall 2007 with each of the eight Service Area Advisory Committees (SAACs) to provide an overview of the State PEI Guidelines and the PEI planning process proposed by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH).  During 2008-09, LACDMH conducted a comprehensive needs assessment that included gathering demographic and other statistical data regarding the county population and conducting 65 Key Individual Interviews, 54 Focus Groups, and 16 Community Forums to obtain further input from community stakeholders. These assessment reports may be downloaded below:

Key Individual Interviews

A total of 54 individuals were interviewed regarding Interviews conducted between February - September, 2008 as part of the PEI community needs assessment and overall planning process. 54 interviewees responded to questions posed to them regarding community mental health needs, priority populations for PEI, and barriers to accessing mental health services. 88 pages.

Focus Groups

A total of 65 Focus Groups were conducted across Los Angeles County from April through September 2008. In order to obtain a representative sample of the county, six groups were held in each of the county's eight service areas and an additional seventeen groups were conducted with a countywide focus.

Community Forum Reports

The forums were designed to elicit input from community members regarding priorities and strategies for addressing the needs of the six PEI priority populations. Results from the forums may be downloaded below (pdf format). Additional information, agendas and handouts provided at the forums may be accessed from the service area tabs above.

Roundtable – October 2, 2008

The PEI Roundtable was attended by over 350 participants across Los Angeles County representing the PEI planning sectors. Presentations included updates on the PEI planning process, an overview of prevention and early intervention research, and preliminary findings from the PEI community needs assessment.


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