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About The Clergy Advisory Committee

The Clergy Advisory Committee (CAC) is a partnership between leaders of the faith community and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH). The DMH collaborates with faith leaders to further meet the needs of mental health consumers who make the personal decision to incorporate faith and spirituality in their recovery. Additionally, DMH seeks to assist the faith community in responding to mental health crises, as spiritual leaders are often first responders in individual and family crises.

The Clergy Advisory Committee:

  • Advises the DMH leadership on effectively engaging the faith community to identify community mental health needs, creates strategies for addressing these needs, and implements the strategies.
  • Works to inform members of the clergy on the resources DMH has to offer, providing information on accessing services, and serving as a contact point for clergy in search of mental health resources.
  • Recommends structures and models that support collaboration between the faith community, DMH, and other mental health stakeholders in providing mental health services to consumers, and combats stigma, NIMBYism, and other barriers to accessing mental health services.
  • Participates in planning, developing funding for, and the production of the Department’s annual Mental Health and Spirituality Conference.
  • Meets with the Service Area District Chiefs to establish a direct and supportive working relationship, and advises and supports them in reaching out to faith communities to develop support for professional or self-help groups, and encourages the faith community to welcome consumers.
  • Advocates and advises DMH on developing training on mental health issues to offer the clergy on site or at other accessible locations.
  • Provides consultation and support in the development of mental health service delivery models that partner the faith community with the DMH.
  • Acts as a focal point or clearinghouse for resource information related to faith based communities and mental health.

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