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Clergy Advisory Committee

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"Spirituality, particularly the experience of hope in spirituality, is a very powerful variable for predicting better outcomes." 
Clergy Advisory Committee

- Marvin J. Southard, DSW
  Los Angeles County Dept. of Mental Health

Building Faith Partnerships for Hope, Wellness, & Recovery

Who: Clergy leaders of various faiths, mental health consumers, and family members collaborating with the Department of Mental Health staff
Why: DMH recognizes the important role faith and spirituality can play in hope, wellness, and recovery
What: Sponsors an annual mental health conference for Faith leaders, organizes presentations at faith centers about mental health and the resources of the Department, advocates and advises on issues of faith and spirituality as they relate to mental health.

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health recognizes the important role spirituality can play in a consumer's mental health recovery, and respects and supports consumers and families/parents/caregivers who seek to use spirituality as a resource. DMH has partnered with leaders of the faith community to advocate for the rights of consumers, fight stigma and discrimination, and further improve services. While DMH acknowledges the benefits of using spirituality in recovery, it is important to note that the use of spirituality in the development of a treatment plan is only initiated upon the request of the consumer.


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